This layer shows where woodland creation is expected to contribute to social benefits of improved mental health and access to green space. It is a combination of two different indicators from the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation (WIMD) 2019 that are relevant to woodland creation. • Physical Environment - Access to Greenspace – adjusted for estimated population density o This shows areas ranked by their access to accessible greenspace (e.g. Parks, Playing fields, Commons). o This is adjusted for density so that higher population density areas with poor access to greenspace are ranked higher. • Health - Mental Health o This shows areas ranked on counts (percentages) of people with diagnoses from a defined list of disease registers and sub-indicators obtained from GP practices in Wales. Access to Greenspace was ranked from good access = 0; to poor access = 5. Mental Health was ranked from lower percentage (fewer diagnoses) = 0; to higher percentage (more diagnoses) = 5. The access to greenspace and mental health rankings were then combined to form a score from 0-10. These were then converted to a score of 0-5 in line with other scoring layers.

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04 August 2021
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