General User:

Terms and Conditions

  • This website is owned and operated by Welsh Government, however, the majority of data is provided by our partner organisations.
  • We endeavour to keep the website operational at 99% availability. Interruptions to normal service (e.g. for upgrades) will be planned outside UK business hours.
  • Links to websites and data services hosted outside DataMapWales should not be taken as an endorsement of these services by Welsh Government.
  • We cannot guarantee that external links will work all of the time and we have no control over the availability of linked pages.
  • When our partners contribute data, the platform checks for syntax errors but not content errors. Should there be any issues with data then please notify the publisher using the dataset’s contact details.
  • We check DataMapWales content to ensure it is free from viruses. However, we advise/recommend that you run your own anti-virus program as we do not accept any responsibility or liability for loss, disruption or damage, which may occur whilst using data downloaded from DataMapWales.
  • User passwords must not be shared with other individuals.

Data Usage

  • You are free to view, download and re-use data provided it complies with the associated copyright and license.
  • If there is an accidental loss of data then you must report it to the dataset publisher.
  • If you notice availability of a dataset which should be restricted then please report it to or the dataset publisher.

Map/App Usage

  • Supplementary information, licensing and usage instructions may also be presented on some maps/apps. Please check this before use.

Advanced User:

Annotation and Editing

  • Where you have access to edit or annotate spatial data you must make sure that this is consistent with the needs of the business purpose.
  • When entering attribution and metadata, please use fields as they were intended.
  • Do not to reveal restricted or licensed information on a public dataset.
  • Do not to place personal data within a field not designed for that purpose (e.g. do not put people’s names in a feature description field for instance).

Data upload and publication

  • If your account has been granted access to upload and publish datasets then you agree to take responsibility for:
    • (i) The accuracy of the data published.
    • (ii) Identifying the data copyright, licensing or data sharing agreement - ensuring this is specified with the dataset.
    • (iii) Ensuring the security of the data remains consistent with the agreement (i.e. you specify who can view, download, edit and control publication of the dataset).
    • (iv) Ensuring the metadata is complete.
    • (v) Ensuring the dataset remains up to date where applicable or removing the dataset when it becomes obsolete or no longer relevant.
  • The platform may be used to help organisations meet their obligations under the INSPIRE Directive (Directive 2007/2/EC). However, publication of your data on the platform does not automatically make it INSPIRE compliant.

Organisation membership

  • Each organisation registering with DataMapWales will be required to nominate someone responsible for:
    • (i) Validating a list of DataMapWales users for their organisation.
    • (ii) Approving those with upload and publication rights.
    • (iii) Providing one or more generic email addresses for dataset queries.
    • (iv) Assisting with public queries concerning the datasets that their organisation has published.
  • The lists of users will be audited at agreed intervals to ensure the digital access rights of the DataMapWales platform. This will ensure datasets shared with your organisation remain consistent with their copyright, licensing and data sharing agreements.

Development of the platform

  • DataMapWales is currently funded by Welsh Government and data is published free of charge.
  • Your views are important to us and we value any feedback or suggestions for further development to improve our service to you.
  • From time to time Welsh Government will solicit feedback from a variety of users and organisations for continuous improvement consistent with our privacy policy.
  • The development of new apps and the prioritisation of new features may also be driven by partner contributions.