Welsh Language - Census 2011 and Census 2021

Change in the number of people aged three or older reported being able to speak Welsh by LSOA between data extracted from the 2011 Census and the 2021 census.

Based on LSOAs that remained unchanged or split between 2011 and 2021 only. Changes could not be calculated for LSOAs that were merged between 2011 and 2021. These areas are coloured grey on the map.

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Attribute name Label Description
lsoacode LSOA Code 2021
lsoaname LSOA Name 2021
spw2011 Number of Welsh Speakers in 2011
pspw2011 Percentage of Welsh Speakers 2011
spw2021 Number of Welsh Speakers in 2021
pspw2021 Percentage of Welsh Speakers 2021
pchange Change in percentage of Welsh Speakers
changenote Change in number of Welsh Speakers % band
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