Grassland fungi assemblages and some individual species are on the Section 7 of the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 list and as such their populations require protection. They are difficult to survey as fruiting bodies are only visible for approx. 1 month of the year so are likely to be missed by anyone assessing a site for suitability for tree planting. Tree planting on areas supporting grassland fungi would destroy the populations as the fungi require closely grazed grassland without shading to survive. This dataset shows known location points of ‘notable’ fungi species intersected with the corresponding semi-natural grassland field boundary. Where no semi-natural grassland is present in the location, a 250m buffer is used around the survey point. ‘Notable’ fungi species include (a) Red List species (Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable or Near Threatened) and/or Section 7 species; (b) a total of 10 or more individual grassland fungi species. Some areas contain both. Where survey points intersect semi-natural field boundaries larger than 1000m, a 1km buffer is used to limit the area of consultation. See GN002 for further guidance

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03 August 2021
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