This dataset comprises of the boundaries of Ancient Woodland sites in Wales which are those which have been wooded for around 400 years or more. Each site is categorised as either Ancient Semi Natural Woodland (ASNW), Restored Ancient Woodland Site (RAWS), Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS) or Ancient Woodland Site of Unknown Category (AWSU). The ancient woodland inventory was updated in 2021 and includes changes resulting from the provision of additional evidence presented to NRW through public enquiries, as assessed by a panel of NRW experts. Ancient woodlands are recognised as being rich in diversity and provide valuable habitats for a range of woodland dependent species, as well as having a rich soil carbon store. They can be detrimentally affected by inappropriate planting on adjacent land, but equally can benefit from well-designed native woodland buffers. This data layer is primarily included to flag the existence of these ancient woodland sites to ensure the appropriate design of new woodland creation proposals on adjacent land. For further information see GN002.

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03 August 2021
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