Air pollution mitigation is scored in the Woodland Opportunity Map (WOM) using two different datasets identifying the ability to mitigate impacts from PM2.5 (on human health) and Ammonia (primarily for impacts on ecosystems as benefits for human health are covered under PM2.5). Due to the two separate types of impact (human health, ecosystems), two separate layers were required to show where woodland creation would best mitigate these impacts. The scores from each of these layers are halved then combined in order to avoid air pollution being double weighted relative to other scoring layers. This layer shows the opportunity for trees to remove air pollution in the form of particulate matter (PM2.5) for the benefit of human populations. Exposure to high levels of PM2.5 particulates is associated with a number of health impacts, including hospital admissions for respiratory and cardiovascular illness and reduced life expectancy. Woodland has been found to be particularly effective at removing PM2.5 at a landscape scale. This data was provided by the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) and is a product from their modelling work to support the Environment and Rural Affairs Monitoring and Modelling Programme (ERAMMP). PM2.5 was modelled from pollutant emissions, chemical reactions with other pollutants and meteorology, and pollutant transport ability. These data sets were then related to population density data to calculate a score showing the opportunity to improve air quality based on how it is transported, and the number of people who would benefit from improved air quality. This layer is scored to target removing PM2.5 particulate matter at a landscape scale, and identifies the locations where new woodland creation will provide most benefit to people, based on pollutant transport ability and benefits to human health. A score of 0 has a low benefit; a score of 5 has a high benefit.

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04 August 2021
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