CuRVe is a series of interconnected web-based maps that together form an atlas. It is a tool that can help users to explore how ecosystem resilience varies across Wales and understand the underlying reasons for this variation. It can be used to support and improve decision making about the use of, and investment in, the sustainable management of natural resources. CuRVe stands for Current Relative Value of ecosystem resilience. The Atlas is the first step in an experimental project to reveal relative values and spatial patterns of ecosystem resilience at a landscape scale for Wales. The tool brings together different types of spatial data about our ecosystems to provide insights into ecosystem resilience. Users can view information about overall ecosystem resilience of a given area and information about ecosystem attributes like diversity, extent, connectivity and condition that underpin this resilience. The tool allows users to choose the relevant spatial scale which interests them ranging from 1 km grid scale up to countrywide. Attribution statement: Contains Natural Resources Wales information © Natural Resources Wales and Database Right. All rights Reserved. Contains Ordnance Survey Data. Ordnance Survey Licence number AC0000849444. Crown Copyright and Database Right. Contains data supplied by Natural Environment Research Council.

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  • NRW_CuRVe_Condition_WaterQuality

  • NRW_CuRVe_Condition_PosPlantIndicators

  • NRW_CuRVe_Diversity_SemiNaturalHabitats

  • NRW_CuRVe_Connectivity_RiverModifications

  • NRW_CuRVe_Connectivity_EcologicalNetworks

  • NRW_CuRVe_Ecosystem_Resilience_Overall

  • NRW_CuRVe_Extent_PatchDynamics

  • NRW_CuRVe_Extent_SemiNaturalHabitats

  • NRW_CuRVe_Condition_SACs

  • NRW_CuRVe_Diversity_SSSIs

  • NRW_CuRVe_Condition_SoilErosionRisk

  • NRW_CuRVe_Diversity_Overall

  • NRW_CuRVe_Condition_INNS

  • NRW_CuRVe_Adaptability_HabitatRecoveryPeriod

  • NRW_CuRVe_Condition_PressureOnAir_OzoneAmmonia

  • NRW_CuRVe_Condition_Overall

  • NRW_CuRVe_Diversity_Topographic

  • NRW_CuRVe_Extent_Overall

  • NRW_CuRVe_Connectivity_FeatureLength

  • NRW_CuRVe_Adaptability_Overall

  • NRW_CuRVe_Condition_PressureOnAir_Acidification

  • NRW_CuRVe_Connectivity_Overall

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Environmental resources, protection and conservation. Examples: environmental pollution, waste storage and treatment, environmental impact assessment, monitoring environmental risk, nature reserves, landscape

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