This dataset was part of the Phase 2 Habitats surveys conducted across Wales. It consists of a detailed survey of plant communities in lowland peatland vegetation. The primary objective of the survey is to characterise and evaluate the vegetation cover of lowland peatlands in Wales to ensure the identification, protection and management of important peatland sites. Entire dataset has been extensively validated and verified by NRW vegetation survey specialists. Habitat composition may change over time due to successional trends, land management or even planned developments. A record of a vegetation type or species in the digital data is therefore no guarantee that it is still extant on the ground.

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Contains Natural Resources Wales information © Natural Resources Wales and Database Right. All rights Reserved. Contains Ordnance Survey Data. Ordnance Survey Licence number AC0000849444. Crown Copyright and Database Right.

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  • nrw_ph2_lowland_peatland_quadrats

  • nrw_ph2_lowland_peatland_mospoly

  • nrw_ph2_lowland_peatland_veg

  • nrw_ph2_lowland_peatland_notes_poly

  • nrw_ph2_lowland_peatland_photos

  • nrw_ph2_lowland_peatland_candidate_sites

  • nrw_ph2_lowland_peatland_notes_line

  • nrw_ph2_lowland_peatland_features

  • nrw_ph2_lowland_peatland_peat_depth

  • nrw_ph2_lowland_peatland_notes_pts

  • nrw_ph2_lowland_peatland_sites

  • nrw_ph2_lowland_peatland_deep_peat

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