Restoration Activity Footprint

This dataset shows the total area of peatland restoration across Wales up to present day. The data is presented as a polygon shapefile, with the unit of measurement being hectares.

Restoration Activities

This dataset shows the total area, measured in hectares, of peatland restoration that carried out across Wales up to the present date. The data is presented as a polygon shapefile that captures restoration activities. Restoration activities have been divided into five broad groups: Hydrological Management, Erosion Control, Tree Management, Vegetation Management and Grazing.

Hydrological Management aims to reverse the impact of harmful activities that have resulted in adverse changes to hydrological regimes.

Erosion Control aims to reduce the effect of erosional features such as haggs and gullies. These features expose areas of bare peat which are prone to further degradation if left uncontrolled.

Tree Management aims to reduce the impact of trees on peatland. Most Tree Management techniques for peatland restoration involve conifer plantation, there are also activities addressing the presence of broadleaf trees. 

Vegetation Management aims to control the dominance of small numbers of abundant species (e.g. Molinia, Calluna) to ensure the recovery and persistence of mire vegetation.

Grazing activities aim to restore and manage peatlands through modifying grazing regimes.

The data is broken down into polygons with columns detailing the broad activity types, sites, delivery organisation, start and end dates of restoration activity, and the financial year it occurred in.

Further information on the structure of the dataset can be found in the ‘Restoration Activity - Technical Metadata’.

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