Modelled Distributions and Abundance of Cetaceans and Seabirds of Wales and Surrounding Waters

This is a dataset is of modelled maximum and monthly (mean) densities of certain cetacean and seabird species in the Irish and Celtic seas around Wales. Modelled densities are derived from predictive modelling of sightings and environmental variables. Maximum maps represent the maximum density per 2.5km2 cell from the entire dataset. Monthly (seabirds and cetaceans) and decadal (cetaceans only) maps are expressed as mean density per 2.5km2 cell.

Modelled maximum data can be downloaded using Data Map Wales. For monthly (for seabirds and cetaceans) and decadal (for cetaceans only) data follow this link.

Seasons (for seabirds and cetaceans) and Seasons by Decade and Decades (for cetaceans only) can be constructed by combining the relevant monthly maps in GIS

For more information about the datasets and methods, please see the NRW evidence report here: 646: Modelled Distributions and Abundance of Cetaceans and Seabirds of Wales and Surrounding Waters (

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Contains Natural Resources Wales information © Natural Resources Wales and Database Right. All rights Reserved. Derived using data from the Sea Watch Foundation and the Marine Ecosystems Research Programme.


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  • nrw_common_dolphin_maximum

  • nrw_minke_whale_maximum

  • nrw_irs_common_guillemot_maximum

  • nrw_irs_razorbill_maximum

  • nrw_irs_manx_shearwater_maximum

  • nrw_irs_northern_gannet_maximum

  • nrw_irs_atlantic_puffin_maximum

  • nrw_irs_great_black_backed_gull_maximum

  • nrw_irs_northern_fulmar_maximum

  • nrw_harbour_porpoise_maximum

  • nrw_irs_great_skua_maximum

  • nrw_irs_herring_gull_maximum

  • nrw_irs_black_legged_kittiwake_maximum

  • nrw_rissos_dolphin_maximum

  • nrw_irs_european_storm_petrel_maximum

  • nrw_irs_european_shag_maximum

  • nrw_irs_lesser_black_backed_gull_maximum

  • nrw_bottlenose_dolphin_maximum

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