The Welsh Government established the TB eradication programme to carry out it’s long-term goal of eradicating bovine TB in Wales.

From 1st October 2017, TB Areas were established as an indication of the relative disease status across holdings in a defined area in Wales. The Low, Intermediate & High areas are an amalgamation of spatial units, made up of parishes.

The spatial units are compatible with the CPH system and each contains a similar number of herds. This approach is not affected by local authority boundary changes and is flexible to change to match the disease situation. The disease situation of the areas will be regularly monitored, and the spatial units will be regularly reviewed.

This map shows the current TB Incidence Area boundaries correct as at 1 November 2021. On 1 November 2021 there was a temporary reclassification of spatial units CL1, CL2 and GW1 as part of the Intermediate TB Area North (ITBAN) from the Low TB Area.

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07 May 2021
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