This Data Map has been generated using the Sell2Wales OCDS data extract facility, specifically the contract award notices for above threshold procurements (F3 – Contract Award Notices). Other Notice types are also available on the Sell2Wales site using the OCDS data extract facility.

Sell2Wales is responsible for this OCDS publication but please note that they are not responsible for the data entered by the Contracting Authority.  If you have any questions about a specific procurement exercise, please contact the buyer listed on the Notice.

The detail contained is for general information purposes and may not represent a full picture. The supplier location data is based on detail input by user organisations and may not have been validated against any other sources. Any reliance or interpretation placed on the detail contained is done so at your own risk.

This Data Map will be updated with the latest F3 - Contract Award Notices at the following time intervals - February, May, August and November.

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