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When the Senedd voted in favour in July 2022, Wales became the first UK nation to pass legislation to lower the default national speed limit on residential roads and busy pedestrian streets from 30mph to 20mph. The new speed limit came into force on Sunday 17 September 2023.

The new legislation is not a blanket speed limit on all roads, it simply changes the default speed limit on restricted roads from 30mph to 20mph. Highway authorities, who know their area best, engaged with their local communities to decide which roads should remain at 30mph.

Exceptions to 20mph default speed limits

This map shows:

a. roads remaining at 30mph speed limit (‘exceptions’)

Some highway authorities have also shown:  

b. roads that are currently 30mph by Order and will stay at 30mph

c. roads that are 20mph by virtue of legislation (restricted roads)

d. roads that are 20mph by Order

You should contact the highway authority directly for more details. This map does not show any part-time 20mph speed limits.

For more information on the 20mph National Implementation please visit: Introducing 20mph speed limits: frequently asked questions | GOV.WALES

An exceptions process and criteria was developed to guide highway authorities on deciding on which sections of roads should be exceptions to the 20mph speed limits and remain at 30mph.

Wales-wide data sets have been provided by highway authorities to produce maps which are based on local knowledge.

Interactive map

This interactive map brings together the exceptions data for the 23 highway authorities.

The detail of where any speed limit starts and ends is determined by the relevant highway authority. 

Please note that this interactive map is for illustrative purposes only.

See the map guide for more information about how to interact with the map.

Road status

The roads that need a TRO to change the speed limit (categories ‘a’ and ‘d’ above) will appear on the map in three stages:

STAGE 1 roads show where highway authorities are preparing draft traffic regulation orders.

STAGE 2 roads show where the length of the proposed speed limit has been finalised and the highway authority has advertised the draft TRO. Please select these roads to find the relevant highway authority website to review the proposal and comment.

STAGE 3 roads indicate that a consultation has closed and relevant procedures to deal with objections and sealing the TRO are being undertaken.


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