The two AWAA Interactions Spreadsheets in Excel present the potential sensitivity of biotopes (components of habitats) and species (designated within MPAs, SSSIs or included within the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 Section 7 list) to the pressures associated with different aquaculture activities. The Biotopes Interactions Spreadsheet contains the information presented in the AWAA Mapping Tool linked below. The AWAA Mapping Tool displays the sensitivity of marine biotopes in Welsh Waters to the potential pressures associated with 11 different aquaculture activities. The Tool allows users such as developers, regulators and advisors to view the potential sensitivity of biotopes around Wales or within the vicinity of a proposed aquaculture development to the potential pressures associated with that activity. Biotope locations have been sourced from the Marine Recorder (2020) and Intertidal Phase 1 Habitat Survey (2022). The sensitivities of the biotopes are sourced from the Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN) as part of the Marine Evidence base Sensitivity Assessment (MarESA) (Tyler-Walers et al., 2022).

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AWAA Mapping Tool and Dashboard

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