This displays the quarterly Operator reported, input and output sampling data that qualifying Materials Facilities are required to provide by the regulations. This excludes additional information reported by sites that is not required to be sampled. Data prior to 2020 was previously published for England and Wales on the WRAP Portal.

This is self-reported data by the Operator. The regulations require qualifying Materials Facilities to provide quarterly details of the mixed waste tonnage received from each supplier and the output tonnage dispatched by four specified materials streams. Facilities are also required to take samples of the input and output materials and identify the average percentage of target, non-target, and non-recyclable material.

For mixed waste inputs, samples must be taken for every 125 tonnes received from each supplier (except where the mixed waste is being transferred to another MF for separating into specified output material). For specified output material (SOM) the sampling frequency for paper SOM changed to 1 sample for every 60 tonnes produced and for plastic SOM sampling, frequency changed to 1 sample for every 15 tonnes produced.

All tonnage data is reported by site Operators. Numbers are based on all correct returns held by NRW at the time of report collation. They do not include waste returns that are outstanding or pending quality assurance action.

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