The purpose of this study was to produce information on the quantities, origins (by industry sector and geographic region), and fate (management method) of industrial & commercial (I and C) wastes generated by businesses in Wales in 2018.

This information is required by Welsh Government for a variety of reasons including:

-          reporting on waste generation in compliance with the EU Waste Statistics Regulations 2002;

-          informing the development of national waste policy;

-          monitoring progress against national waste prevention and recycling targets;

-          informing waste planners and the regulator; and

-          providing data to the waste management industry to inform investment decisions.

Data was collected from a representative sample of 1,755 business sites of differing sectors and sizes throughout Wales between April 2019 and October 2019. The data was grossed up using Office for National Statistics (ONS) business site population data to regional and national level in Wales. The methodology used in this survey was mainly comparable with the previous IandC surveys completed in Wales, of which the most recent provided data for the 2012 calendar year.

The precision for the total waste generated is +/- 4.54% at 90% confidence.

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