This dataset is a catalogue of seal images that were collected as part of the former Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) and Natural Resources Wales' (NRW) seal monitoring and evidence work. Images were also provided by volunteers, partners, organisations and members of the public through collaboration with CCW/NRW. The images are of heads, necks and flanks of grey seals (mostly female) photographed at seal haul out sites around the Celtic and Irish Seas from 1992 to 2016 and show the pelage markings of seals that can be individually recognised/identified from subsequent photographic encounters – photo-identification (Capture, Mark, Recapture). The database contains over 17,000 photographic images of more than 9,000 grey seals. Photo-ID allows individual seals to be captured through time and space and analyses of the data provide insights into site fidelity and associations, movements and connectivity, and longevity/survival.ighteen years (1954-1972) of capture-mark-recapture data of 245 grey seal pups marked with identification tags in Wales.

The data was obtained from paper files held by NRW and supplied originally West Wales Field Society and includes information on the location and number of animals marked in each year including sex and age estimations.

Information Warning

any published outputs or research based on these data should use the citation for NRW Evidence Report 280 in references: Langley I, Rosas da Costa Oliver T, Hiby L, Morris CW, Stringell TB, Pomeroy P 2018. EIRPHOT: A critical assessment of Wales’ grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) photo-identification database. NRW Evidence Report Series Report No: 280, 94pp, Natural Resources Wales, Bangor.

NRW cannot provide advice or support for use or installation of the database.

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