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Your interaction with this website

DataMapWales provides open data and functionality to our users without collecting personal information.
However, to function correctly the site:
(i) Makes use of cookies to store details of your session.
(ii) Captures details of the browser type to make sure the layout of maps works correctly on different screens and devices.
(iii) Records anonymised trends of user activity to help inform future developments and make improvements to the overall service. We do not identify a person or individual device from this data.


Some datasets are only available to registered users. We collect the following information from registered users:

Information Captured Reason
Name So that we can address instructions and pages on the website in a friendly manner and your organisation can validate your access.
email address (usually your work email) So that we can uniquely identify and authorise your access. Your views are important to us and we value any feedback or suggestions for further development, so from time to time we may contact you to ask about your experience of using DataMapWales or to inform you about new features. We will never pass your email address elsewhere without your permission.
Your organisation, and in some cases, your department Licenses and data sharing agreements are arranged between organisations, so capturing these details facilitates access to datasets efficiently.
Your recent function and actions In some cases you may be invited to contribute to the datasets on the platform. Specifying your function will allow you to annotate, edit or publish data - some of these actions are identified for audit and support purposes.

By registering an account you agree to abide by our usage policy relevant to your role.

Once you are registered, we will send you details of how to login. You may change your login password, name and edit other contact details on your profile screen once registered. Please tell us if you think any of the details we hold against you are wrong.

You may request removal from the system by emailing us at any time.