April 21, 2022, 1:51 p.m.

Release Details

New Features:

  • Group manager functionality has been reenabled

Group manager functionality has been reenabled on DataMapWales, allowing group managers to manage groups to which they are assigned. Group managers are able to:

    • Add and remove users from groups
    • Promote group members to managers
    • Demote group managers to members
    • Publish unpublished resources assigned to a group (more below)
  • Group managers are now able to publish resources

Group managers can now review and publish resources. Once a group member has uploaded a resource, group managers can find the resource from the data catalogue, and publish it by clicking the Publish button on the Unpublished banner, or by checking the Is published checkbox from the Edit Metadata page for that resource.


The DataMapWales cookies policy has been updated to reflect the introduction of Google Analytics to DataMapWales. We use Google Analytics to measure how users make use of the website so that we can make improvements to the user experience. Google Analytics sets cookies that store anonymised data, for example the pages you visit on DataMapWales.

As such, you can now choose to use cookies that measure your website use whilst on DataMapWales. You can find out more about our use of cookies on the DataMapWales cookie details page.


  • Users can now select the Type filter in the Data Catalogue using the keyboard alone
  • The DataMapWales header is no longer squashed on smaller screen sizes
  • Resource owners of documents are now able to change the permissions for documents created
  • The chart widget has been disabled from the map viewer