Dec. 9, 2021, 2:42 p.m.

Release Details

New Features:

  • Organisation filter has been added to the data catalogue

Users are now able to filter the data catalogue by Organisation. To do so, simply go to the Data Catalogue and select Organisation from the list of options in the Filter by section.

  • Acres and hectares have been added as measurement units when drawing area polygons

When drawing an area polygon on the map, users are now able to select acres and hectares as units of measurement. From the map viewer, click the hamburger menu, click Measure, select Measure Area, and select your chosen unit of measurement from the dropdown menu. When you draw a polygon on the map, the units of measurement will reflect your selection.


  • Default coordinate tools now use British National Grid

Users may notice that the default coordinate system for DataMapWales has been changed to British National Grid. You can see this on the coordinate display on the footer for the map viewer; when searching by coordinates, also on the map viewer; as well as on the feature information panel when interacting with maps.

  • Perimeter measurements have been removed when drawing area polygons

Perimeter measurements are no longer displayed when drawing area polygons on the map viewer. This enhancement has made the area polygon less cluttered and easier to read.

  • Catalogue performance: categories filter and resource pages

Improvements have been made to the performance of the data catalogue. Users should see improved loading times for both the category filter, and individual resource pages within the catalogue.


  • Longitude and latitude coordinate search has been fixed so that 0 is now accepted after decimal points, and X and Y searches have been correctly reversed
  • Autocomplete on searches has been disabled
  • Gazetteer zoom level for postcode results has been corrected, so that the zoom level when searching for a postcode is now set to 1:5,000
  • Attribute table now loads correctly when filter is applied