Nov. 22, 2021, 4:32 p.m.

Release Details

New Features:

  • Users are now able to add WFS endpoints to catalogue items

To copy a WFS endpoint link, simply go to the catalogue page for a layer or layer group, and under OWS endpoints, select Copy WFS endpoint link. You can then use this link in your GIS software of choice.

  • Users are now able to add documents to DataMapWales

To add a document to DataMapWales, sign in using your Government Gateway account. Select the Profile dropdown, and select Create a document. Give your document a title, and enter the URL of the document. Choose the permissions for the document from the Permissions area. Finally, click the Create document button.

  • Users now have the option to expose or hide items from the data catalogue

To hide an item from the data catalogue, go to the item’s catalogue page, select Edit Layer, Edit Metadata and check the Hide from the catalogue field.


  • Text input has been replaced with HTML editor widget

Text input is now easier to format as a HTML editor widget has been added to text labels.


  • Attribute table now renders for additional layers added via the map catalogue after viewing an existing layer on the map
  • Timeout for saving new maps extended to 30 seconds to allow for the saving of maps with more layers
  • Alias values have been reinstated on attribute tables for datasets
  • BoundingBox on layer filter no longer causes rendering error when selecting filter type on the Map Viewer
  • Map PDFs now display the correct scale
  • Broken download links have been removed from the data catalogue