Oct. 12, 2021, 7:07 a.m.

Release Details

New Features:

  • Addition of GeoPackage and DXF as output formats

Users are now able to download spatial data assets in GeoPackage and DXF formats. When viewing a layer’s catalogue page, click format dropdown under spatial data download and select your preferred format.

  • Keywords added to Data Catalogue search tool

Users are now able to search the Data Catalogue by keywords as well as titles. Simply enter keywords for a data set into the main Data Catalogue search.


  • Additional options added to share plugin

Users now have the option to display the table of contents on shared maps, as well as adding a centrepoint and zoom level to a shared map. To do so:

  • load a map in DataMapWales
  • choose Share from the hamburger menu
  • check “Show TOC” to display the Table of Contents
  • check “Add centre and zoom to sharing link” to share a particular centre or zoom level
  • Service buttons have been hidden in the catalog

When using the catalog plugin on the map viewer, users will no longer see the Add and Edit buttons at the side of the service dropdown field.


  • Session now refreshes when using map controls
  • Catalogue search accepts layer titles with apostrophes
  • Page sharing has been fixed to now share specific DataMapWales pages
  • Abstracts on catalogue pages are now displaying correctly